Case Packer is a fully automatic packaging equipment which is used to put the container evenly into the plastic case or carton in a certain matrix. It can meet a variety of different container sizes, including PET bottles, glass bottles, round bottles, oval bottles, square bottles, cans and other bottles, and extensively used in packaging production line of beer, beverage and foodstuff industry.

Competitive Advantage
• Modular design brings highly flexibility;
• Independent motor drive, gripping and crating accurately;
• Easy to maintenance,fast to change-over;
• Low rate of bottle falling;
• Low cost of maintenance.

Brought out items



Siemens/Delta Make
VFD Denfoss/Delta Make
HMI Siemens/Delta Make
Pneumatics Parts FESTO / SMC/Janatics


SICK /P&F/Technovision Make


VARVEL/Bonvario Make, Italian make

Compressor air Supply

80 psi (5.5 bar).


3.0 CFM,18.7 SFM (100 liters/min)


Crating Process

Bottles are collated and transferred to the erected case or crate




No. of Packing head


Size of pet bottles

From 200ml to 2500ml.


:  4X6,3x2

Bottle Dia.

30 to 150mm


175 to 400mm


150 to 300bpm




Features of our Case Packers & Case Loaders:
• Wide range of footprints and infeed configurations available
• Seamless integration with combi erectors and sealers
• Simple change parts and crank adjustments for quick changeovers
• Heavy duty welded framework
• Safety interlocked guarding
• Easy load walk-in magazine
• Self-cleaning vacuum systems
• Intelligent PLC controls



By installing our Case Packer, you will not only the save the manpower, your productivity for each line will increase because due to slow packing, your other machines are underutilized and you are not able to achieve the desired outputs.

You can always be sure of 48 nos. of bottles in cartons because even 47 no of bottles cannot be packed by Case Packer. Thus there is no chance and complaints of BOTTLE MISSING IN CARTONS. or as per matrix required by you like(6X4).

Also while packing the bottles by heads, you can check/ inspect & detect and even remove the leaked bottles. Thus avoiding the damage to the cartons.

• Only 1 operator required for operate the machine.

• It is suitable to run any shape and size of bottles with change parts.

• Touchscreen control Panel for easy operation of machine.

• Different speeds from 60 to 600bpm.Speed as required by you.

• Provide Control Systems/ Servo Motors & Automation of Siemens.

• Machine will be supplied with Inbuilt Electrical & Instrumentation panel.

• Auto Synchronization of speeds through PLC Program.


Process of Packing (As Shown in the LAYOUT)

The labelled bottles after labeling machine came on the conveyor which acts as a Buffer Conveyor. This also helps in drying of bottles.

These labelled bottles then move through Overlap Conveyor to the multi row bottle feeding conveyor/matrix formation conveyor which is formed. Desired matrix id formed for packing.

The main Pick and place mechanical head which moves on 2 axis (controlled Pneumatically) picked the bottle from this Multi row Conveyor & place them in Carton gently.

The cartons with bottom sealed/taped are fed manually on Carton feeding Conveyor. The Cartons after getting filled with bottles move on to carton sealing machine for top sealing.

Applications :
• Automotive and Hardware Industry
• Baking Industry
• Beverage Industry
• Chemical Industry
• Craft Beer Industry
• Household Consumer Personal case Products Industry
• Contract Packaging Industry
• Food Industry
• Food Service Disposable Industry
• Meat and Poultry Industry
• Nutraceutical Industry
• Pet Food and Treats Industry
• Pharmaceutical and Medical Supplies Industry