The fully automated palletizing system

The BLENZOR palletizing system to optimize materials flow systems
The handling system, by BLENZOR, solves the familiar problems faced by all companies which have to load Plastic or metal drums onto pallets – in particular at filling plants. The BLENZOR palletizing system provides an economical and cost-effective method. The drum palletizer is a fully automated system tailored to customers’ requirements. Varying quantities of Plastic and metal drums can be transferred from one pallet to another without any damage, thus optimizing operational processes.

• The BLENZOR drum palletizer – Your benefits
• Cost-effective, fully automated palletizing of metal drums
• Careful handling of drums thanks to gentle transfer
• Suitable for a variety of pallet types
• Suitable for a variety of arrangement patterns
• More competitively priced than a robotic palletizer
• Manual handling of drums is no longer required

How does the palletizing system work?
Drums are picked up by the palletizing system on a roller conveyor. Conveyors move a drum from the conveyor to the corresponding position in the drum palletizer where matrix are formed with the help of diverting mechanism. After formation of matrix 2x2 the signal goes to gantry pick and place with the help of vacuum. The X and Z axis gantry operates through a brake motor with VFD for to X movement for smooth transfer. All the four drums are gently picked up by gantry with the help of vacuum and placed on to the wooden pallet.

• The next palletizing sequence can begin.
• Move in of the drums
• Move in of the pallet
• Pick up of drums
• Transfer from Conveyor to pallet
• Drums are moved in again

Scope of Supply :
The Automatic Drum palletizer for metal drums at speed of 60drums/hour with necessary electrical control panel with PLC & HMI, infeed roller conveyor, pick and place and vacuum system

• Drum Size : 595mm dia. X 895mm height
• Drum type : Metal
• Matrix : 2x2
• Capacity : 200litres
• Speed : 60drums/hour
• Loading Height : 700mm
• Bought out items
• Vaccum : Schmalz
• Geared Motor : Bonfiglioli
• Bearings : SKF/FAG
• PLC : Delta
• HMI : Delta

Applications :
• Automotive Industry
• Beverage Industry
• Chemical Industry
• Household Consumer Personal case Products Industry
• Contract Packaging Industry
• Food Industry
• Food Service Disposable Industry
• Meat and Poultry Industry
• Nutraceutical Industry
• Pet Food and Treats Industry
• Pharmaceutical and Medical Supplies Industry